Nursery, Baby - 2

Location: Room A-108

Director: Bonnie Eanes - Email


PreSchool 3

Location: Room C-103

Teacher: Pat Stevenson

               Marlene Howell

PreSchool 4

Location: Room C-101

Teacher: Mary Wise

               Libby Welborn


Location: Room C-107

Teacher: John Eckman - Email

               Jane Eckman - Email

1st Grade

Location: Room C-202

Teacher: Elmer Johnson - Email

               Sam Cozart - Email

2nd Grade

Location: Room C-203

Teacher: Sheila Chenevy - Email

               Cheryl Simmons - Email

3rd Grade

Location: Room C-205

Teacher: Reggie Allen - Email

               Bridget Allen - Email

4th & 5th Grade

Location: Room C-209

Teacher: Donna Bannon - Email

               Virgina Brigham

6th Grade

Location: Room C-211

Teacher: Brian Thomas

               Heather Thomas - Email

7th & 8th Grade

Location: Ministry Center

Teacher: Kim Rosser - Email

9th & 10th Grade

Location: Ministry Center

Teacher: Larry  Palmer - Email

                Dana Palmer - Email

11th & 12th Grade

Location: Ministry Center

Teacher:  -  Steven Dowdle

College & Career, 19 - 25

Location: Room B-101

Teacher:  Jeff Taylor - Email  

                 Kim Taylor

Description:  We are a very active and vital part of the ministry here at Fairview Baptist Church.  We have many students that choose to commute to one of our surrounding colleges as well as several that are home from resident campuses each week.  We enjoy our time of fellowship and study together each week.  We are a very active group and always welcome and look forward to more as friends join in coming with other friends. 

Young Adult Couples, 24 - 39

Location: Room B-102 

Teacher:  Jerrod Hesson - Email  

Description:  This is youngest group of married couples.  We are just beginning our families with small children.  Most in this class have preschoolers as their oldest child.  We welcome any young married adult couples to join us for a great time of Bible Study and Fellowship.

Couples in Christ, 30 - 39

Location: Room A-101

Teacher:  Sean Prevette - Email

Description:  Our class is the thirty plus group and we have a great time studying God’s Word together each week and sharing our struggles of parenting our Elementary age children.  We seek to apply God’s truths to our parenting and our daily life challenges as we juggle life’s issues.

Under Grace, 35 - 49

Location: Room A-204

Teacher:  Darren Gwaltney - Email 

Description:  We are a median adult couples Bible Study group.  We enjoy the following the story line of the gospel through the Gospel Project curriculum.  Most of the couples in our group have elementary and/or middle school children.  We seek to encourage each other as we seek to build Godly homes.

Lazarus, 40 - 50

Location: Room A-202

Teacher:  Mike Valentine - Email   

                Craig Harper - Email

Description:  We are another one of the median age couples classes that are faced with the challenges of college students and children that are beginning to leave home.  We enjoy our time of Bible Study and fellowship each Sunday as we explore the truths of God’s Word together and apply them to our lives.

Nehemiah, 45 - 65

Location: Room A-205

Teacher:  Bruce McClain – Email

Description:  The Nehemiah class is a diverse group of men, of all ages, which makes our Bible Study unique and insightful as we share life experiences and the Biblical principles of Scripture for daily life application.  We study the Bible one book at a time, chapter and verse.  Explore The Bible Curriculum.

Couples 4, 45 - 60

Location: Room A-206

Teacher:  Al Hiatt - Email    

Description:  Our class is also one of the median adult classes where most of us are ‘Empty Nesters.” Some are fast approaching this stage of life.  We enjoy seeing what God’s word shows us each week as we face the changing stages of life we go through.  We enjoy the depth of the Gospel Project Curriculum as we are following the story line of the gospel in Scripture each week.

New Beginnings, 49 - 65

Location: Room B-108

Teacher:  Janie Benton - Email   

Description:  A very small and intimate group of women – mostly single and single again.  We enjoy sharing with one another inside and outside of the Sunday School experience.  We enjoy studying the Gospel Story Line of Scripture through the Gospel Project curriculum.

Outreachers, 55 - 65

Location: Fellowship Hall

Teacher:  Gwen Coley - Email

Description:  A diverse group of ladies made up of a wide age group.  Many of the ladies in this group are still active in their working lives – the ladies in our class come from every facet of life circumstances.  We seek to minister to one another through not only answers in God’s word but also through our resources and our compassion for one another – If one has a burden we all share in that burden.  Very active group of women that enjoy fellowship and study together.

Abundent Life Class, 60 - 70

Location: Room A-201

Teacher:  Ann Rogers

Contact:  Elna Campbell - Email   

Description: If you want to enjoy and learn more about the abundant life, Come and join the Abundant Life Ladies' class.  Our purpose is to study the word of God, live the word of God through mission projects and fellowship.  Some of the projects we are involved in are:  My Sister's House, Pregnancy Resource Center, Hygiene Kits, and many more as we are made aware of needs in our community.  Our class is designed for pre-retired and recently retired ladies - we are not restrcted by a certain age.

Jack Setzer Class, 65 - 75

Location: Room B-103

Teacher:  Roy Baldwin - Email   

Description:  This  is one of our long standing men’s classes – that is named in memory of a long and beloved teacher – the late Jack Setzer.  This class is made up of mostly retired men of the church. A great group of men that enjoy studying the Word of God each week and its amazing truths through the Bible Studies For Life Curriculum.

Journey, 65 - 75

Location: Room A-203

Teacher:  Paul Hill – Email     

Description:  We are the oldest couples class.  Most of our group is approaching retirement and/or have already started enjoying retirement and are teaching the others how to plan for this phase of life.  We are a very loveable and likeable group of adults that enjoy one another and spending time together.  We love the truths we discover each week through the Gospel Project Curriculum.

Ruth Class, 65 - 80

Location: Room A-107

Teacher:  Mary Kirk - Email   

Description:  A group of ladies that enjoy not only studying the word of God together but also putting the Scriptures into practice through mission opportunities such as the development of a ministry known as CHIPS – (Freddie Reavis Children Hemmed in Prayer Ministry).  They are a very active group of retired ladies in our church – a few of them hold part-time employment – but very active in ministry and the life of our church and community.

Men's Bible Class, 75 - 85

Location: Room B-105

Teacher:  Scott Southard - Email   

Description:  This is our senior adult men’s class.  They enjoy studying the truths of God’s word together each Sunday.  They also enjoy an occasional class social for breakfast – lunch – or dinner.

Encouragers, 80 - 95

Location: Room A-102

Teacher:  Claudia Morrison - Email  

Description:  A small intimate group of ladies that have served the Lord for years and enjoy studying His wonderful truths each week for their lives and how they can serve Him faithfully during their Sr. Adult years.

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