Brain Development- Current research has shown that the early years (ages 0-5) are the most sensitive for brain development.  Over 90% of brain growth occurs during this period.  the people who help care for your child are also those who help shape your child's mind.

School Readiness- Studies show that children who receive quality child care enter school better with math, language, and social skills. These skills give your child a good start to succeed in school and in life.

Reduced Stress- When your child has a safe, loving, and stimulating child care that you count on, you do not have to worry while you are at your workplace. You know that your child is getting the kind of care children need to be healthy, happy, and successful.

Everyone Benefits- Society, children, families, employers, communities, and the nation as a whole benefit from higher quality of child care.  Fostering healthy, successful, future workforce is essential to everyone's well being.


  • To provide an environment where children are nurtured in love and value of God's word.
  • To train and develop Educators to be unique in their approach.
  • To offer programs motivated to serve the whole child by serving the family.
  • To partner with the external resources providing supportive community information and services physically, mentally, and emotionally enriching.
  • To support children's desire to be life-long learners.


  • Each child is unique person, loved by God and engaged in a life-long process of spiritual intellectual and emotional development.
  • Children are creative, inquisitive, and eager to learn, integrate new ideas, and grow.
  • We honor parents as the first and foremost educators of their children. we are honored to share with the parents and families the sacred responsibility of teaching children.


Our staff family is carefully selected on the basis of their educational background, experiences, and suitability to work with young children.  Each Classroom has a lead and assistant teacher in compliance with state mandated ratios and Fairview Church Kids Care.  We continuously participate in staff development through workshops and conferences to keep our teachers up to date and well-informed.


Our infant room is designed for maximum efficiency, security, and safety. Toys are sanitized daily and changing table is sterilized after each diaper is changed.  In the warm and nurturing environment, our babies are cuddled, rocked, and played with by carefully chosen caregivers. Each caregiver is dressed in clean, colorful scrubs or a Fairview Church Kids Care t-shirt.  for the protection of your baby we do not allow street shoes and every adult must sanitize their hands before entering the baby room.  your baby will have a crib and cubbie where clothing, bedding, food, and bottles can be stored away from other children.  Play is based on exploration, stimulation, and sensory.  music plays a big part in this adorable nursery.


Activities in this program include singing songs, finger plays, improving their vocabulary through identification and repetition, learn to wash their hands and feed themselves, enjoy age-appropriate playgrounds, and practice sharing with their friends.  Our teachers encourage your child to work at their own speed so they feel successful in their skills they are developing.


In the 2-3 yr old program a child will begin experimenting and intereacting with other children and the enviroment.  The daily schedule features more structure and routine than it does ofor the infants and toddlers.   a child will start to learn how to find uses for familar objects, and how to explain everyday occurrences using simple reasoning.


4-5 yr olds are more secure, and ready for higher level of challenges. The teachers waeve togethor fun and learning in a way that helps young students begin to acquire pre-reading and pre-math skills.  Skills learned during this period includes recognizing letter names, catching a bounced ball, and beginning to understand the concept of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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